The goal and mission of "SAFEHAVEN USA" is to "Rekindle the American Dream and Spirit"! By giving people THAT usually do not have access to life supporting and sustaining opportunities access to the initiatives that SAFEHAVEN USA has created mentioned in this summary. The access to affordable sustainable housing, good paying and secure jobs, access to education at all levels, financial stability, affordable health care services and other assets that contribute to a good and secure lifestyle.


Thus the reason for "GOLDEN YEARS",  "SAFEHAVEN SOLDIERS" and "A STRONGER COMMUNITY!" It's is all about leaving behind a legacy of good and faithful work. Knowing you played a rewarding part in changing the lives of individuals, of families and of the community at large.


SAFEHAVEN USA is a Global and Community Based Initiative. We ask that you and your organization join together to support and sponsor our community outreach. An outreach that lets citizens and families of the community know that your community initiative is a wellspring of opportunity that has been put in place to change and improve their lives and all the citizens of the community at large.


Answers...Solutions...Applications...that change and improve people's lives.

Always Remember...Every good deed you perform while here on earth will echo resounding through out Eternity!




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