SAFEHAVEN USA has created a program called “SAFEHAVEN SOLDIERS” for active duty Soldiers and retired Veterans with injuries and disability from combat or whatever the case may be that resulted in their injury and/or disability. We will work with the Department of Defense, Walter Reed Hospital, the VA, Veterans Associations and other organizations to supply top of the line health care when they return home or when either need medical care in the future. There is also a housing and jobs component that is discussed below. 


FACT: We have 10,000 Soldiers admitted in hospitals around the globe because the USA health care system does not have the capability and capacity to facilitate the health care of our active duty Soldiers and also our retired Veterans. We believe it immoral and shameful that the health care of our active duty Soldiers and retired Veterans is so sub-standard that the active duty Soldiers have to lay in a hospital bed thousands of miles away from home and  away from their family, friends and love ones. The ones whose support they desperately need in the flesh. The Veterans also struggle state side with sub-standard health care with very limited easy access.


What a shame! But no more! SAFEHAVEN USA is dedicated to build and open hospitals and other type facilities around the USA to support the need. These health care facilities will be built, renovated and re-opened all across the USA to facilitate the needs of the active duty Soldiers and retired Veterans. We plan to developed and opened facilities in many states as to keep the patient near their family and love ones in the geographical area they come from. 


HEALTHCARE FACILITIES: SAFEHAVEN USA will purchase distressed commercial properties at pennies on the dollar that are already built like old and/or new hospitals and other type health care facilities and renovate them to suit the need. We can buy the distressed commercial real estate for pennies on the dollar turning a bad situation into a great situation by utilizing the distressed real estate to help our active duty Soldiers and retired Veterans while making use of the real estate and creating new good paying jobs as discussed below.


HOUSNG/HOMES: Another component of SAFEHAVEN SOLDIERS is providing housing/homes of some type at little to no cost to our active duty Soldiers and retired Veterans located in or near their home town area. To do so we are buying distressed real estate all over the USA.


We can buy the real estate for pennies on the dollar turning a bad situation into a great situation while helping our active duty Soldiers and retired Veterans with housing and homes while also creating good paying jobs as discussed below. Many of the residential and multi-family real estate properties have just been built and other older financially distressed real estate not in use are available in volume throughout the USA


SAFEHAVEN USA can buy and renovate this type real estate to meet the need from financial institutions for pennies on the dollars thus stretching our investment dollars and thus creating an "INSTANT IMPACT" versus a new build out that takes time and has new construction build out cost. We will also look to use decommissioned military bases and other government facilities that have complete infrastructure just like cities do that are a great asset just wasting away. The government could donate these bases and facilities to the cause. We will also appeal to individuals and other entities for this same type commercial and residential real estate support.


JOBS: This initiative will also help create thousands of jobs when we build and/or buy these facilities, renovate them if needed and/or build them and then staff them. The program will create a trickle down effect creating new businesses and jobs or revitalizing current businesses in all type of industry to support the overall initiative in many communities nationwide. 


SAFEHAVEN USA created these programs as part of our duty to serve and to help the active duty Soldier and retired Veteran men and women of our Military with their health care and living needs. After all they have  fought and sacrificed to protect our homeland and preserve our greatest gift...Our Freedom. Sponsoring and supporting this initiative is the least we can do as citizens and a country for them. Their service here in the homeland and over seas protects the "SAFEHAVEN" we call our home...the United States of America. They desire and have earned the right to come home to their own "SAFEHAVEN"...a safe and beautiful home and health care facilities that meet their physical, mental and living needs. This is just a small payback and a token of our appreciation and loyalty towards them for their faithful and loyal service to protect us here in United States of America.


SAFEHAVEN is all about providing "Answers...Solutions...Applications" that change and improve people's lives and the communities they live in by creating and building “A Stronger Community” through programs like GOLDEN  YEARS (See the Golden Years page), SAFEHAVEN SOLDIERS and A STRONGER COMMUNITY (See the "A Stronger Community" page)!

Please call us and ask how you can become a part of SAFEHAVEN USA.


Always remember: "Every good deed you perform while here on earth will echo resoundingly throughout Eternity."














































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