About Us


Mission Statement!

ASC was created to help individuals, families and local  communities in the USA and worldwide to improve their lives through economic and humanitarian projects. ASC will fund or joint venture with the project at no upfront cost to the project creators and developers. All projects are evaluated on a case by case basis and approved on the merits of the project.

The goal of ASC is to provide "Answers...Solutions...Applications" that improve the life of the individual, family and the community they live in. We support the GOD given right to own a home, have access to the best education at all levels, have access to healthcare at all levels and the right to earn a living at a secure job that pays a fair salary with good benefits. 

We believe it all starts were the rubber meets the road in the local community and surrounding areas as they know the local needs. We support community based initiatives that include many sectors of the local community, fraternal organizations, business, the local chamber of commerce, local law enforcement, the local healthcare system, local churches, city, county and state government and the individual citizen. 


In return for the community initiative support the individuals and families that receive the help will be mandated to work inside the initiative providing the same for their neighbors that also need help...thus paying it forward!  

We believe the desire is there for many in the community to support "A Stronger Community" in their area. It all starts with an organized and well thought out planned initiative. We created  that structure within the "A Stronger Community" program and initiative.


ASC was created with the knowledge that the community when called upon will rise up and stand united to work together to improve their community and their citizen's lives. All citizens of their community have a vested interest in making their community a better place to live, work, prosper and a wonderful and safe place to raise their family. We believe when you appeal to the hearts of the community to help serve their community in supporting such an initiative the majority step forward and the end result is success and community gratification at its best.

In Conclusion: The mission of "A Stronger Community" (ASC) is to "Rekindle the American Dream". By giving people who usually do not have consistent and easy access to opportunities that mean the most like affordable sustainable housing, good paying and secure jobs, access to education at all levels, financial stability, affordable healthcare services and other things that contribute to a good and secure lifestyle.

It's is all about leaving behind a legacy of good and faithful work while here on Earth. Thus, receiving the satisfaction of knowing you played a rewarding part in changing the lives of many individuals, families and the community at large.

ASC is a global community based initiative. We ask that you and your organization join together to support and sponsor ASC to create a community outreach in your area. An outreach that lets citizens and families of your community know and realize that your community initiative is a wellspring of opportunity that is put in place to change and improve the lives of all the citizens of the community.

"Answers...Solutions...Applications"... that change and improve people's lives and the community they live in by creating and building “A Stronger Community!










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